Meet Petunia – Magnolia’s Flying Pig


November, 2018

She is the perfect depiction of overcoming impossible odds! It is not a question of who will let her to do it, but who could stop her.

There is nothing that she cannot accomplish when she sets her mind to it, because where there is a will, there is always a way.

Her stubborn nature, headstrong determination, and creative ingenuity help her to overcome the most difficult of challenges.

When the skeptical voices yell out “when pigs fly” she will charge defiantly against the wind and take flight.

For many years, women in Greensboro that wanted natural childbirth outside of the hospital drove to Chapel Hill or Statesville for a birth center experience, because there was not a choice in our community. There were some that did not make it to their destination in labor, they delivered on the side of the road. There were some that made the decision to have a home birth instead of taking the risk of driving a long distance in labor. Then, it was difficult to find a provider to attend a homebirth, so some families gave birth at home without a provider at all.
We believe that all women deserve choices in healthcare in our own community. This was the driving force behind our decision to open a birth center.

Well, we were not the first people that wanted a birth center in Greensboro. Several different individuals and community groups talked about a birth center, and some even considered opening a birth center in Greensboro. But for a variety of reasons, it just never happened. Everyone believed it was impossible. I heard someone actually say that Greensboro would have a birth center “when pigs fly”. Well, if you have visited us at MBC, you know that pigs started flying in 2017 when Greensboro’s first birth center opened its doors.

When the skeptical voices yell out “when pigs fly” she will charge defiantly against the wind and take flight
I know that the impossible is possible if you believe it can happen and you are willing to work really hard to make it happen. Daniela and I made personal and professional sacrifices to make this happen for our community. We have received so much community support and encouragement. We wanted to find a way to communicate and to encourage everyone to do the impossible. So, we adopted the flying pig as our official mascot.

First, the flying pig is a direct representation of what we have accomplished by opening the first birth center in Greensboro. No one believed it could be done, but we did it. I often say we did it with a lot of sweat and tears, very long hours, and amazing people that worked along with us even when no one was paid a salary.

Second, a flying pig is just hilarious. It is silly to think about a pig taking flight. We all laugh and giggle when we wind up our flying pig to fly around our conference room. Laughter is the best medicine – it reduces stress to promote both physical and emotional relaxation. We should take a few minutes each day to laugh, it makes everything a little better.

When pigs fly
Magnolia flying pig
Magnolia pig 2
There are lots of flying pigs around our office!
Finally, we hope the flying pigs inspire others to do the impossible. We wear t-shirts with flying pigs at the Women’s 5-K breast cancer event to show there is a way to fight breast cancer and to find a cure. Our flying pigs in the birth center inspire women to over-come the challenges of natural childbirth. We believe that everyone can use a little inspiration.

So, what do you want to do that is impossible? What is stopping you?

The time is now for you to make the impossible happen – you can do it, just fly like a pig!

Tanya Bailey
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