Getting Back to Basics with HypnoBirthing

By Karen L. Hornfeck, CHt, owner Wise Elephant Wellness,


April, 2019

It’s always interesting when people consider HypnoBirthing “new age” childbirth preparation when in reality, HypnoBirthing focuses on getting back to the basics of birth. The foundation of HypnoBirthing is that women’s body aren’t broken. Women instinctively know how to birth their babies. The biggest secret to HypnoBirthing – there is no secret. It’s all about trusting your body.

But for many women, trusting our bodies to be strong, capable and beautiful doesn’t come easily. Trusting our bodies feels scary when many birth stories we see on TV or hear from others paint a picture of birth as a scary and dangerous medical event. But in ancient times and in other cultures, women birthed beautifully at home or in birth centers. In these settings, laboring mothers move as their body tells them to move, make the sounds their body tells them to make and birth in a comfortable environment where they can relax and do what their body tells them to do.

Perfect Blessings

HypnoBirthing classes start out exploring why many of us think birth is scary. Then, we explore why it’s not. Once we have demystified the birth process, HypnoBirthing offers women and their birth companions an array of different tools to help them move through labor – guided meditations, self-hypnosis techniques, positions, affirmations and more. Couples can pick and choose which tools work best for them. And best of all, HypnoBirthing techniques can be used no matter how a labor unfolds – unmedicated births, inductions, epidurals, c-sections – all births are considered natural if a woman is allowed to birth in the way that her body and her baby instinctively tell her to.

One of my favorite quotes is from Barbara Rothman: Birth is not only about making babies. It’s about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength. Birth shouldn’t be something that a mother has to forget. It can be beautiful and empowering. That is the premise of HypnoBirthing.

Karen Hornfeck


Karen Hornfeck is certified by the HypnoBirthing Institute and teaches HypnoBirthing classes at Magnolia Birth Center. To learn more about HypnoBirthing, go to