Preparing for Birth – and Life as a Parent


July, 2019

Would you run a marathon without doing any preparation? I hope your answer is no. Training your body for a marathon is important if you want to succeed. Similarly, doing some preparation for childbirth is important.

What do I mean by preparation? Well, that depends on you and the type of birth you want. Some types of childbirth preparation can also give you useful skills for your new life as a parent. Prenatal yoga helps your body snap back after labor and gives you great strength for carrying that sweet new baby around. HypnoBirthing teaches easy-to-use guided meditations and self-hypnosis techniques to help birthing mothers eliminate fears and take themselves to a deeply relaxed state for labor.

As a former HypnoBirthing mother of three and a current HypnoBirthing instructor, I can tell you firsthand that HypnoBirthing skills continue to come in handy in my parenting life. Calm breathing has helped me put stressful situations in perspective – with three teenagers I use this now more than ever! Guided meditations have given me a useful tool not only for myself but also for my children. Trouble sleeping? My kids now know how to use a simple meditation to calm their minds down to drift off to sleep. Thank you HypnoBirthing!

A birth companion from a recent HypnoBirthing class that I taught was recently diagnosed with cancer. She used the meditations from class to ease her pain from surgery and to release the worry that comes along with such a serious diagnosis. Happily, she is healing well and gives some credit to HypnoBirthing for that.

Invest yourself and your family – research what childbirth preparation classes are out there and make plans to attend a few. Magnolia has a wide array of classes for every interest. It will be time and money well-spent as you prepare labor – and beyond!

Karen Hornfeck, CHt