About Magnolia

The difference is our philosophy

About the Birth Center

Magnolia Birth Center opened in the Spring of 2017 offering alternatives to traditional prenatal care and hospital birth.

We believe that childbirth is the single most important event in a woman’s life, impacting all aspects of life.

Only the Best

Midwifery Model of Care

Certified Nurse-Midwives provide care to women throughout life from adolescence through menopause.

Our midwives are certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board, members of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, licensed by the state of North Carolina, and credentialed by Cone Health System.

Midwives practice shared decision-making which requires open, honest communication to foster a professional relationship of mutual trust and respect. All treatments and alternatives are discussed then a decision is made that best aligns with personal and cultural beliefs. This model of care encourages the consumer to take an active role in all decisions.

Midwives make a personal commitment to guide, support, and encourage. We support your birth, your way.



Magnolia Birth Center achieved accreditation in 2017 from the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.

Accreditation is not mandatory for birth centers, we wanted to show that we meet the highest standard of care.

The process of accreditation evaluates very detailed information to ensure that safety, quality, and standards are met. That seal of approval communicates to the public that MBC provides safe, quality care.

Safety and quality are important to us and to the families in our care, which is why we chose to be accredited.

Please visit the CABC website for more information on birth centers and accreditation.

Breastfeeding Friendly

Magnolia Birth Center achieved Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and Employer in 2018!

This means that we promote breastfeeding as the primary method to feed an infant to our clients and our staff. We provide breastfeeding information, education, and support to families. We have classes and support groups available for anyone in the community to attend.

Our midwives and all of our staff members are knowledgeable and available to assist with breastfeeding. We have lactation specialists available for additional assistance and problem management when needed.

We participated and hosted our FIRST Global BIG Latch On event in 2017.

Please join us to celebrate Breastfeeding Week – August 1-7th with another BIG Latch On Event!

The Rights of Childbearing Women

EVERY woman has the right to…

  • health care before – during – and after pregnancy and childbirth
  • receive care that is consistent with current scientific evidence
  • choose a midwife or physician as her maternity care provider
  • choose her birth setting from a range of safe options in her community
  • leave her maternity care provider and select another if dissatisfied with her care
  • receive information about the professional qualifications of her care providers
  • protection of her privacy and confidentiality per standard practice
  • care that addresses social and behavioral factors affecting pregnancy outcome
  • informed consent – risks versus benefits of treatments, medications, tests, procedures
  • accept or refuse treatments, medications, tests, and procedures
  • accept or refuse participation in research study free of coercion
  • unrestricted access to her medical records
  • care appropriate to her cultural and religious beliefs
  • have family and friends of choice present in all aspects of her maternity care
  • receive continuous labor support
  • receive in advance option for pain management in labor
  • the freedom of movement in labor
  • virtually uninterrupted contact to her newborn
  • have support with breastfeeding and to refuse all supplements
  • decide collaboratively with her caregivers when to go home after childbirth

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The Bradley Method with Sarah Carter
HypnoBirthing with Karen Hornfeck
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Water Birth

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