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What is a birth center?

It is a fully-equipped health facility that specializes in birth outside of the hospital with nurse-midwives. The center provides services related to pregnancy, childbirth, and women’s health.

It is a high-touch and low-technology place of wellness and birth for women and their families.

What is a certified nurse-midwife?

Certified nurse-midwife is a licensed healthcare provider with a graduate degree specializing in both nursing and midwifery.

In addition to prenatal care, a nurse-midwife can provide primary and gynecological care to women throughout their lifespan and provide direct care to newborns for the first 28 days of life.

Is it safe to give birth outside of a hospital?

Yes, it is safe for women without risk factors to give birth outside of a hospital.

Current research shows birth center care is as safe as a hospital for healthy, low-risk women.

The American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ACOG) and the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) recommends birth centers as the first level of care for pregnancy and childbirth for women without risk factors.

Who can give birth in the birth center?

Women without pregnancy complications that want a natural childbirth experience.

We want you to be sure this is a good choice for you and your family. We offer a FREE Meet-n-Greet visit to tour our facility, to meet our staff, and to see if you are a candidate for birth center care. This visit is required of all pregnant clients BEFORE the first prenatal appointment.

Do I have to give birth at the center or can I choose to go to the hospital?

You may choose hospital or birth center location for your labor and birth experience with our midwives.

Can I labor in the water and/or give birth in the water at the birth center?

Yes, you may labor and/or give birth in the water.

All of our midwives are certified and experienced in water birth.

What pain management options are there at a birth center?

There are non-pharmacological options such as hydrotherapy, massage, essential oils, aromatherapy, TENS use, continuous labor support, and hypnosis available to help with the pain associated with childbirth. 

Epidural anesthesia is not available in the birth center.

Can my family stay with me? Are there visitation restrictions?

Yes, it is your labor – so you choose with whom you want to share this experience.

We do not have any visitation restrictions.

Please be mindful that we do not have sleeping quarters for your guests.

Who will take care of my baby after it is born?

Babies should be seen by the pediatrician within 24-48 hours after discharge from the birth center.

Our staff will provide care to the newborn from birth until the visit with the pediatrician. 

If there are significant concerns that warrant immediate evaluation by a pediatrician, the baby would be transferred to the hospital for further evaluation and care.

How long do I stay in the center after birth?

The minimum length of stay after childbirth is 4 hours, with a maximum stay of 23 hours.

What kind of follow-up do I have after childbirth?

We offer three follow-up visits during the first six weeks after childbirth:

  • Twenty-four to thirty-six hours after birth (offered as a home visit)
  • Visits at two and six weeks postpartum
What other services are available at the birth center?

We offer health care for women of all ages. We do more than catch babies, we also offer annual physical exams, gynecological care, health screenings, birth control, primary care, weight management, and pre-conception counseling.

There are a variety of educational opportunities and support groups related to pregnancy, postpartum, and wellness available to all families in our community.

What happens if there are complications in my labor?

Our midwives have the skill and expertise to handle complications during labor and birth.

If an emergency happens, we arrange transport by EMS to the hospital within a matter of minutes.

Who will take care of me at the hospital?

We believe in continuity of care–so you will always be under our care.

We will remain with you throughout your labor and birth wherever that may be.

Do you take my insurance? What if I have Medicaid?

Yes, we participate with most insurance companies and health-share plans. You will be responsible for paying your deductible and co-insurance before the baby is born then we will file your insurance claim after the baby is born.

Our staff can assist you with payment options if you do not have insurance coverage.

We do participate with Medicaid of North Carolina.

What is the cost?

The cost of birth in a birth center is usually about half the cost of a hospital birth. We will provide you with an estimate of cost based on your individual insurance coverage as part of your FREE financial consult before you start care with us.

If you are self-pay without any insurance coverage, we offer a cash-pay discount.

Our total maternity package averages around $7,800 which includes all of your prenatal care, attendance of our midwives at your birth, prenatal education, postpartum care, newborn care, and any home visits.

Lab, ultrasound, and hospital services are not included and are billed separately.

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