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Mary Gillett, BSW, MS CD(DONA)

Director of Education and Community Outreach, Doula

Mary is a seasoned doula and ACBE-certified childbirth educator with a background in family and childhood development. She is certified in H.U.G. (Help Understanding and Guidance for Young Families) and has a number of specialized trainings including Spinning Babies, Water birth, and addressing the specialized needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Mary is the parent of two adult married children, and “Gigi” to two young granddaughters. She believes grand-parenting is more than just “Parenting 2.0.” It is a balance of respect and input and she continues to learn from her children every day. 

Be a ”Great” Grandparent

Join us for a fast-paced look at today’s young parents through a game of “Family Feud” and learn what’s new with parenting styles, safety warnings and what today’s parents say they say THEIR parents should (and should not) do to be “Great” grandparents.

Class is an hour and a half of discussion, games and fun. Great for the prospective grandparents and pregnant couples. Cost is $20 per family unit (up to four people). To register contact

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Relief and Relaxation Refresher

This two-hour class is for parents who have taken a full childbirth class with a previous birth, but would like a refresher in unmedicated labor support techniques to prepare for the big day. This class is not open to first time laboring parents and cannot meet the requirements of a childbirth class. Mothers may bring up to two support people.

Cost is $25 per mother and pre-registration is required. Contact instructor Mary Gillett at

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Water Birth Essentials

Laboring and giving birth in the water is a gentle form of comfort for both mom and baby. In this two-hour class we will separate fact from fiction, and learn about the equipment needed, the management of the pool, where to buy and rent equipment and how to use water most effectively in labor. Participants will receive a certificate at the end.

This class is offered for all participants at no cost. It is required for all MBC clients planning to labor or birth in the tub. To register contact instructor Mary Gillett at

✿Classes marked with a ✿ are offered at no charge to Magnolia Birth Center clients.

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Your Best Birth – Weekend Class

This is a condensed, two-day weekend version of our popular “Your Best Birth” basic childbirth series for first-time mothers and partners. While open to anyone, this class is tailored for those who are giving birth at Magnolia Birth Center, covering third trimester progression, the physiology of labor, relaxation and positioning techniques, as well as labor support for an unmedicated birth.

This childbirth series fills quickly and requires pre-registration. Cost is $100 per couple (fee waived for MBC clients). An additional support person such as a doula may attend if space allows. This is a two-day class and participants must plan on attending both sessions. To register contact instructor Mary Gillett, MS, at Registration is limited; we ask that you register to take this class during your third trimester.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a favorite pillow. No children please. NOTE – if you are planning to labor in the tub, you must also take “Waterbirth Essentials” class separately.

✿Classes marked with a ✿ are offered at no charge to Magnolia Birth Center clients.

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Erin Balkind

I am a Registered Cranialsacral Therapist and a Licensed Massage Therapist and have been practicing bodywork since 1996. In 2009 I received my Master’s in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and completed a Prenatal and Perinatal Professional Training in 2016. Helping babies get a good start to life is my passion. I enjoy this class because it gives parents the information they need to have confidence in their baby’s ability from birth, which results in more confident babies and families as they move forward in life together.

Magical Hours: Attachment & Bonding at Birth

From bonding to breastfeeding, those first two hours make all the difference! So much happens at birth, from hormone surges to setting in as a family. Come discover just how important an uninterrupted two hours is for a family. This class is offered quarterly in April, June, August and November.

Class is $15 per couple. To register call instructor Erin Balkind at 336-209-4929.

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CranioSacral Therapy Clinic

Erin Balkind, RCST will be offering CranioSacral Therapy assessment and treatment sessions free to Magnolia patients the fourth Saturday of each month from 12-3pm. For babies, CST can help resolve compression issues resulting from the birth. As a baby cannot express where something hurts, compression may be involved and bodywork indicated to help with issues of inconsolable crying; difficulty latching/nursing; digestive issues; sleeping disturbances; tongue tie (if not true tongue tie); significant head turning preference to one side (torticollis); head flattening or molding; facial asymmetry; arching; mouth breathing; and an overall tense body.

Please contact Erin at 336-209-4929 to schedule an appointment, there is room for 3-4 appointments during the clinic on a first come first serve basis.

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Linda Coppola

Linda Coppola, MHA, RN, IBCLC has been working with the mother-baby dyad since 1978. She has been a certified lactation consultant since 1994

Linda has worked as an IBCLC in hospital settings and in private practice, both in private and group setting, where she has helped countless of mother -baby couplets reach their breastfeeding goals.

Additionally, she has mentored aspiring lactation consultants as well as teaching breastfeeding classes to new expectant families.

In her free time, some of  Linda’s pleasures are family, reading, yoga, traveling and gardening

Breastfeeding: Best Beginnings

Learn how to get started in your breastfeeding journey including, first hours, positioning, latch, how to know your baby is feeding well and more. We will also cover common issues and how to manage them. This class is for moms and partners. Cost is $35 but offered at no cost to Magnolia clients.

Second Thursdays 6-9pm

Register with Linda at or call 336-255-8311.

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Sarah Carter

I have enjoyed working with newborns for 11 years now. Around nine years ago I transitioned out of the medical setting and decided to support families as a childbirth instructor and doula! I have been a Bradley Method Instructor and Certified Birth Doula since 2009 and trained as a placenta encapsulator in 2012. I love seeing families feel empowered and confident during this special time in their lives!

Bradley Method Childbirth Class

Bradley Method is a natural childbirth series that focuses on giving mother and her partner access to information and be empowered to make decisions during her pregnancy and labor.  Classes will go over all the options for birth and couples will walk away feeling confident to make decisions they feel are best.  Our primary goal is healthy mom and baby.

To register contact instructor Sarah Carter at Cost is $325 per 10 week series.

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New Sibling Class

Bringing home a new baby is so exciting. However, all family members will have some adjusting to do. This New Sibling Class will help the older children in the family be better prepared to the adjustment. Based on each child’s developmental level, we will explore everything they will see, hear, and experience. We will also discover and practice the fun ways to help and interact with their new sibling. Each older sibling will receive a certificate of graduation as they go on to be an awesome big sister or brother!

Cost is $25 per family unit.  At least one parent should plan to attend the 45 minute class.  To register, visit:

For questions, contact instructor Sarah Carter at

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Karen Hornfeck

As the mother of three children, I know first-hand that all labors are different. I used Hypnobirthing with all three of my labors and know that the techniques can help mothers birth peacefully and free of fear. I am grateful to have a chance to help families birth they way they want to and afterwards, utilizing HypnoMothering, help mothers learn to trust their own intuition as a parent and find support. A supportive community is a gift that every mother and baby deserve.


This comprehensive birth preparation series gives mother and their partners all the tools needed for a calm and peaceful birth. Using guided meditation, self-hypnosis and visualization, expectant mothers learn to break the fear-tension-pain cycle that often causes discomfort during labor or birth. Mothers are taught techniques to eliminate anxiety and promote deep relaxation. Five classes, each two and a half hours long, will combine instruction with hands-on practice. Students will receive a book, two relaxation CD’s and a script for at-home practice. Hypnobirthing was developed by Marie Mongan, a hypnotherapist and mother herself. It is the only birth preparation program developed by women, for women.

Cost is $295 per couple. Register with instructor Karen Hornfeck at Wise Elephant Wellness.

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Dawn Leonard

After birthing my son at home in 2013, I felt called to work with other women to prepare for empowered birth. I hold E-RYT 200 and RPYT yoga teaching certificates; trained with DONA as a birth doula; and have Reiki Master attunement and a Reiki for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum certificate. Through Sacred Rhythms, I combine my experiences in yoga, birth and energy work to facilitate other women into and through their experiences of womanhood. In July of 2018 I birthed my second son at home and I am deeply passionate about the powerful forces that can move through us as women when we become fully present to our bodies.

Prenatal Yoga

In this class you will be invited to connect with your body and your baby to prepare for birth and motherhood. Expect to move with your breath and intention in a slow flowing practice with gentle opening, strengthening, breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques in preparation for an empowered and joyful birth.

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm

Cost is $15 for drop-in, $50 for 4 classes or $100 for 8 classes. Register with Dawn at Sacred Rhythms.

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Suronda Ricketts, RN, BSN, CCE

I am a certified childbirth instructor, trained doula and lactation educator. I bring twenty-plus years of nursing experience in maternal and child health into my classroom.  I love to have a fun, interactive class with lots of questions and discussion.  I believe the difference between  a positive and negative birth experience is your state of mind and labor support. We will work together to make sure everyone is well prepared not only for birth, but for bringing that little one home in those first weeks of life. I am married with one teenage daughter.

Your Best Birth

✿“Your Best Birth” is a four-week basic childbirth series for first-time mothers and partners, or a great refresher for parents who have given birth before, but are striving for a Birth Center experience with less intervention. While open to anyone, this series is tailored for those who are giving birth at Magnolia Birth Center. Classes cover third trimester progression, the physiology of labor, relaxation and positioning techniques, as well as labor support for an unmedicated birth.

This childbirth series fills quickly and requires pre-registrations. Cost is $120 per couple (waived for MBC clients). An additional support person such as a doula may attend if space allows. The series is four classes and students should plan to attend all four classes, beginning with the first Thursday of the month. To register contact instructor Suronda Ricketts, RN, at

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a favorite pillow. No children please. NOTE – if you are planning to labor in the tub, you must also take “Waterbirth Essentials” class separately.

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Hello Baby

✿Hello Baby! is an interactive hour and a half class covering the basics of caring for both newborn and mom in the important days following birth, as well as that all important fourth trimester. Class will cover newborn characteristics, baby and postpartum care for mom, and when to seek medical attention.

To register contact instructor Suronda Ricketts, RN, at Cost is $30 per family unit (waived for MBC clients.)

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Cheri Timmons

Cheri Timmons is a health coach and yoga teacher who is passionate about empowering women who are experiencing the effects of fatigue to create healthy lifestyle habits, so they can feel focused, productive and emotionally at ease.

As a Certified Health Coach, she coaches women through lifestyle changes of sustainable sleep habits, intuitive food choices, exercise, transforming stress, work-life balance and relationship roadblocks, while offering motivation and accountability along the way.

She offers Baptiste-inspired, power yoga classes that invites participants to temporarily disconnect from the busyness of the day and tune into the physical body, present moment and sense of possibility, so that they can experience greater focus, emotional ease and effectiveness in their day-to-day life.

Cheri’s background includes over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, supporting clients through behavioral change. She is Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Employee Assistance Professional.


An invitation to beome present in your body and your life. Cheri Timmons will teach a sers of eight (8) one-hour yoga classes – open to all levels of yoga experience. Students will learn how to take each pose in a way that feels right to their body, at that time. This small group yoga class is open to 10 female participants. Participants will supply their own yoga mat, towel and water bottle for each class. Cheri will provide yoga blocks for class and a cool scented towel to enjoy during Savasana!

Each class will meet from 8:30 – 9:30am on the following Tuesdays:
September 17, 24
October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
November 5

Full payment ($80) is requested at the time of online registration. Contact or 336-365-8420 to receive registration link.

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Tag Woods

I am Tag Woods and I am the creator of Body Philosophy Massage and Bodywork for Women. I am certified in Fertility Massage, Prenatal Massage, Massage Birth Assistant (Doula), Newborn and Infant Massage and Instruction and Postpartum Massage. I share this work and knowledge to share my vision for honoring the birth journey. These unique and intimate courses are offered in Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

*2019 classes will be scheduled beginning in April

Nurturing the Pregnant Couple

Nurturing the Pregnant Couple is a three hour class focusing on massage techniques to benefit the expectant mother, her partner, and their baby. Students will learn nurturing and effective massage techniques, and give moms a pregnancy massage. Participants will also learn positions and acupressure points to assist in the labor process. Partners will receive “shiatsu” massage.

Cost is $45 per couple. Please do not bring children or additional family members. To register contact instructor Tag Woods at or call 336-992-6135.

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Baby's First Massage

Infant massage is a simple, research-based way to promote a nurturing connection in a time often stressful for both baby and family. It offers coping skills for common issues such as little sleep or irritated digestion. The process is a simple way parents can communicate with their babies through massage, increasing the bond and learning sensitive touch skills to create a strong family foundation of love, esteem and respect.

Cost is $18 per family. To register contact instructor Tag Woods at or call 336-992-6135.

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