Hospital or Birth Center?

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Why consider an out-of-hospital birth

Hospitals were created to treat illness and disease, as a place to care for people too sick to care for themselves. It is a place to manage complex pregnancies and perform necessary surgery and care for premature infants.

The US spends more money on maternity care than any other country, yet our infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Complications in normal childbirth occur less than 1% of the time; yet it is routine to use technology and intervention on all women regardless of risk factors.

In the US, one out of three pregnant women will have a c-section delivery and most of all hospital births include the use of Pitocin and epidural anesthesia. Why are healthy, low-risk pregnancies treated the same as high-risk complicated pregnancies?

Families are spending more for insurance and getting less services – they want value for their healthcare dollars spent. Women want the ability to move freely, wear comfortable clothing, have a sense of control and privacy, avoid medications that affect their babies, make informed decisions, have a supportive provider presence during labor and birth, and have a positive birth experience.

When all things are considered, hospitals are not the best place for healthy women to experience childbirth. Families report high satisfaction with care at birth centers because of the low volume and increased attention given to individualized care. Birth Centers are able to contain cost with the avoidance of expensive technology and interventions while offering high quality childbirth experience to families; there is value to the services that families receive from birth centers.

Perhaps, the integration of birth centers in health care systems across the US may significantly reduce healthcare cost, reduce the C-section rate, and improve pregnancy outcomes. We believe that birth centers and hospitals are both needed in the system to meet the needs of all families.

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